Planning The MCAT

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Links to webpages with useful information for planning the MCAT:

MCAT Notes

Folder: MCAT notes based off of the Khan Academy videos

Folder: Reference Sheets


These strategies helped me a lot, and might help you too. Try them, and if they don’t work for you then don’t use them – different things work for different people!

(1) Highlight all names and numbers as you go through

(2) Write out the following timing guide on your scrap paper in the break before the CARS section:

60 minutes remaining: 3 passages done

30 minutes remaining: 6 passages done

0 minutes remaining: all 9 passages done

(3) Practice a bunch, review your mistakes, and have a good and realistic mindset

(4) Read the passage out loud (whispering or wording with your mouth)

(5) Do your best not to be intimidated or thrown off by hard passages

(6) Make an “error log” and categorize your mistakes

General Studying Tips

Turn your phone off and hide it while you’re studying

Study at the library or study spaces at your school, not at home

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