Welcome to Ultimate Premed Package

My name is Chris Creene, and I was a first year medical student when I originally made this site back in 2018. I am now a 2nd year resident (soon to be attending) in Family Medicine, based out of Nova Scotia, Canada.

I created this website as a free resource to help premeds prepare and study for the MCAT, practice for the CASPer, excel in your medical school and residency interviews, and provide practical advice for the premed journey

The site includes MCAT notes (based on the Khan Academy MCAT videos), supplemented with a personal spin to make things easy. You’ll also find my study schedule, activity log, a score predictor, formula sheets, and 100 helpful reference documents with mnemonics and graphics for common MCAT topics. 

Once you’ve aced the MCAT, come back and check out my interview prep documents and medical ethics guidelines so that you’re ready for panel interviews, MMIs, and CASPer.

Make sure you check out the Pluripotent Premed podcast I previously co-created and co-host with a classmate of mine. It will supplement many of the topics discussed on my website, and is a great intro into all things premed that you can enjoy on your daily commute, wherever that may be!

Please let me know if you have questions about the MCAT, interviewing, medical school admissions, or life as a medical student. You can contact me at any time via the ‘Contact Me’ page of the website.

I’ve also recently added my notes for interviewing for Family Medicine residency in Canada, so be sure to bookmark that for reference a few years down the road from now!

Originally posted: 01-Aug-2018    |    Last updated: 28-Nov-2023

This site is and always will be entirely free to use. 

However, if you would like, please consider making a donation to the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation.

I lost my father and grandfather to heart disease, so it’s a cause that is very important to my family and I. Thank you!